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One Brand – One World – All industries One Brand – One World – All industries
  • dejan-stanarcevic
    Dejan Stanarčević
  • Bojan Jevtić
    Country Manager
  • barbararistic
    Barbara Ristić
    Senior Broker – Transactions
  • vladimir-mijatovic
    Vladimir Mijatović
    Associate Director - Transactions
  • Sanja Ćalić
  • Djordje Stanisavljevic
    Head of Office Agency – Transactions
  • filptomic
    Filip Tomić
    Associate Director - Valuations
  • nevena-vasiljevic
    Nevena Vasilijević
    Consultant - Valuations
  • Nikola Ivković
    Business Development Manager
  • Nikola Ristivojević
    Director of Capital Markets
  • jovanvujic
    Jovan Vujić
    Expert Advisor – Valuations
  • Lea Pongrac
    Research Analyst-Valuations
  • Ivan Varagić
    Head of Industrial & Land Agency
  • Mila Obradović
    Junior Consultant-Transactions
  • zumeraosmani
    Zumera Osmani
    Broker - Transactions
  • Milica Nedeljković
    Office Manager
  • blagoja-radulovic
    Blagoja Radulović
    Consultant - Valuations
  • milenakrstic
    Milena Krstić
    Administrator - Valuations
  • Srđan Mićanović
    Junior Consultant

Coreside is an associate office of Savills PLC

Coreside follows RICS valuation professional standards, International Valuations Standards (IVS), the Rulebook on National Standards, Code of Ethics and Professional Practices of a Licensed Valuer and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Our team of experts performs the following services:
  • Lease/Sell of residential, commercial, retail and industrial properties
  • Real estate & Machinery Valuations
  • Feasibility studies and Business plans
  • HABU analysis
  • Investment Management
  • Hotel Development Consultancy
  • Project Management
  • Development Consultancy