Valuations & Research

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Valuations & Research

  • Property Valuation for various purposes
  • Feasibility studies
  • Highest and best use analyses
  • Business plans
  • Market research

With our expertise, we provide accurate valuations and appraisals for various types of properties such as commercial, residential, specialized properties etc. for banks, property companies, developers, investors or any other interested parties. Our team of 6 valuers (4 licenced valuers and 2 RICS registered experts) can offer fully personalised reports for our clients. Every report is prepared with detailed analysis and verification of data – title deeds, inspection, control measuring, market research and identifying comparable properties, review of valuation methodology and application of adequate valuation model, all in accordance with National and international standards.

Also, we are closely working with our Agency team, constantly updating our market research database, to ensure that all the parameters that are implemented in the model are current and that they are reflecting the current market.

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